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Updated May 11, 2005

All Heinie sights now feature a setscrew at the same low price!

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Full Capacity Magazines now in stock

All mags are NIB, are Full Metal Lined (including the G18 mags) and features no LE or restricted stamp.

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New Sights in stock

New from Ameriglo and CGR is the CGR Operator night sights.

The brand new version of the Ameriglo Operator night sights made exclusivly for CGR to our specs. These sights feature 1 green front and 2 green rear tritium dots with no distracting white outlines front or rear. .125 front with a generous .155 rear for optimum light ratios means faster shots and more accurate hits at an affordable price. These sights feature high quality Trijicon gas tubes for loing durable life. Set includes front and rear sights, hex key, delrin punch and front sight tool.
More CGR Operator Pics

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New .090 wide front sights for Heinie, Dawson and Bomar.
New at CGR .090 wide front sights for Henie, Bomar and Dawson. A smaller front means more light and a larger view of the target.


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Front sight Tools
All steel front sight tool for all sights with a 3/16" nut. This tool wont strip out after 1-2 uses like the similar looking aluminum tools. Long lasting and small enough for every rangebag.

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Rear sight Pushers

MGW Sight Pusher for All Glock models. This is the tall version that fits tall rear sights like Heinie, Dawson and Bomar.

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Delrin Punch for driving in sights

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Threat Solutions UCR - Ultra Concealment Rig

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The UCR Holster was designed by a professional concealed carry instructor and personal protection specialist who couldn't get any current manufacturer to produce what he wanted. After 4 years of trying he finally just did it himself. The new UCR is is designed to be the last holster you'll ever need. These holsters aren't the cheapest, most common or mass produced, but the simply are the best for actually carrying a gun.

Available for
Glock small - All 9/40/357 and G36
Glock large - All 10/45acp except 36
Kahr - all
Springfield XD / HS2000 - all
Standard 1911 singlestack

"I carry in the UCR on a daily basis and is it by far the best carry holster I have ever used. It is concealable, secure, comfortable and extremely fast" -Matt Kartozian of CGR.
UCR with G34 - picture
UCR with G17 - picture

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Matt Burkett's Practical Shooting DVDs
Now Shipping! The Practical Shooting DVDs Volumes one through three contains information on  Equipment and Techniques used in IPSC and IDPA shooting. List of subjects includes: Safety, Equipment, Special Section with GrandMaster gunmith Don Golembieski, Stance, Grip, Eye Dominance, Sight Information, Draws, Weak/Strong Hand, Target Transitions, Reloads, Movement, Shooting on the Move, Barricades, Timing Drills and a complete stage walk through. The tapes also include BONUS 1/2 hour interview with Brian Enos!

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New CGR T-shirt Color
Guaranteed to make you look cool and shoot faster!
**Guarantee not guaranteed.

Custom Glock Racing shirts feature our logo in full color, a small version on the left chest and a full size on the back. Printed on a Hanes Beefy-T Premium shirt that is 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  In addition to our classic Black and White T-shirts we now have a new Black shirt with the logo is OD.  Your TACTICAL just wearing it!  Available in sizes XL-XXL

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Arredondo Accessories 140mm Basepads
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The newest competition basepad for USPSA Limited.   Kit comes complete with sleeve, checkered pad, U tool and spring.  For G 17, 17L, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35.

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Arredondo Accessories Mag Cleaning Brush

Ideal for cleaning your magazines.

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Buried Bo-Mars
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The Ultimate competition sight, Bo-Mar now available low mounted and buried in your slide.  Your slide is CNC machined to accept a custom Bo-Mar LP rear.  Includes a custom matched front sight.
$199 bare
$245 with Par-Kote finish
$270 with Hard Chrome finish
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Refinishing Services
CGR now offers several refinishing options for your pistol.  Services includes refinishing Slide and Extractor only.

Parkerizing            $40
Par-Kote*                $55
Hard Chrome         $75

*Par-Kote is available in Satin Black, Matte Black, Dark or Light Gray, Desert Tan and OD Green

More on Refinishing Services.

CGR Custom BMGL Bo-Mars
Not quite satisfied with the standard Bo-Mar BMGL (Drop in for Glock) we had Bo-Mar makes us new ones to our Specs.  The CGR version features a wider rear notch and thinner front sight for more visible light for faster and more accurate shots.  We also changed the rear blade with a much less severe corner cut for a cleaner sight picture.

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Taylor Freelance 170mm Basepads

+8/10 Basepad 170mm OAL
The Glock pistol's high magazine capacity has always been one of its strengths. Taylor Freelance +8 Basepad allow you to expand that capacity by a minimum of 8 rounds when using pre-ban high capacity magazines (for the 17/22 series Glocks). Originally designed for IPSC competitors, the +8 Basepad extends the magazine to the 170mm overall length allowed in international Open Division competition.

If you're looking at running an "Open" Glock you've got to give these things a try.

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Taylor Freelance Brass +0 pads for L10

These basepads are ideal for Limited 10 or anyone who wants their mags to fall out of the gun more consistently. They also work great on the 26/27 mags by providing extra room for your pinky finger. These pads are +0, they do not add capacity and are legal for post ban 10 round mags. Compatible with THE Magwells. For small frame (9/40/357) only.

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